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We've raised £20,321 (including donations from our match funders and GiftAid) so we've achieved our £20,000 target and the Appeal is now closed.
Thank you to all our donors
Match Funders
Mighty Ben Funder
Donated/guaranteed at least £1,000
Rudy Daley in memory of his wife Una Maud
Friends of Brockwell Park
Big Ben Funder
Donated/guaranteed at least £500
Keith Fitchett
Peter Bradley
Laura Morland
Sat, Zia & Frida
Bristowe Memorial Fund
Noshir Patel and Ann Kingsbury
Brockwell Art Services
Medium Ben Funder
Donated/guaranteed at least £200
Laurence Marsh
Bob Colenutt
Susy Hogarth
Little Ben Funder
Donated/guaranteed at least £100
Hugh and Helena
Adam Steinhouse and Melanie Mauthner
Quicke Family
Philip Forrester
The Lester Family
David Penry-Davey
Brockwell Bowlers
Nick & Matt
Bernie Hewing
Fred Taggart
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Tina Valcarcel
Hayes family, Ruskin Walk
Ian Sesnan
G Adamson
Peter Woodward
Michael O'Hara
Sarah Wilson
Jo Cooke
Luli Harvey
Brian Hoare
Michael Boyle
Helen Stansfield
Kirstin Baker
Phil Walters
Czech Conroy
Martin Wright
Shani Ennis
Y Zhang
Margaret Atkinson
Norman Goalby
Sophie Sarre
Bill and Catherine Guest
Lesley Theophilus
Shaughan Seymour
Penny Chalton
Mr & Mrs Reeve
Anthea Masey
Daniel D'Innella
the Webb Swayne family
Christine Lamey-Golding
Gemma Greenhalgh
Rodney Amis
John Fraser and family
Jennifer Stiles
Sheila Northover
Brixton Herb lady
Lee Dema
Graham Lane
Peggy Aylen
Alistair Hall
In loving memory of Vincent Glynn
In loving memory of Peppino Sciscioli of Corato, Italy
Simon Nebesnuick and Sophie Rix
Mark Melody
The McLeish's, Iona, Rory and Archie
Ruth and David
Colin & Anne Wight
David & Davina Howell
MacCallum Hall Family: Thanks for happy times
Daphne McKenzie
Peter Truesdale
Ivana e Nicola are happy here!
Carol Boucher
Dennis McKenzie
Nigel Basing
Patricia Price-Tomes
Alan Taylor
Lucia Daniels
Richard Pratt & Christine Frank
Paul Carter
Dean Littler
Robert Foster
Lesley Hill
Susan Whitaker
John Thorogood
Eleanor Grey Hodgkiss
Shirley Cosgrave
Patrick Hanson-Lowe
Sebastian Kraemer
Kate Hobbs
James Deakin
Simon, Hannah and Ella Funnell
Lareine Shea
Ella and Dominique Brooks
Ilaria Rosso
Burke Family
J. Repa
Jonathan Price and Family
Mike Carver
Brockwell Family History Society
Family Falkenberg
Trevor Uprichard
PB who loves the park
Farah Sharif
Catriona Slorach
Jean Morgan
Iain Saville
Pippa Oakeshott
Robert Clark
Nadia Lasserson
Douglas Chisholm
Marietta Crichton Stuart
Emily Montague
Martin Carr
Edgar and Yashoda Sutcliffe
David O'Sullivan
Lambeth Tuesday Walking Group
Ben Casey
The Guests
Diccon Swan
David Williams
Anthony Dobson
Ralph Schuaninger
Dave Jacobs
Georgia Weaving
Diane Charlemagne
Jim Greayer
Sarah Castleton
Sophia Plender
Sheena Walmsly
Isabel Andrews
Colin Kirkpatrick
Derek Isaac
Catherine Morrell
In memory of Billy
The Farrow Family
Thanks from Harry and Archie, Teddy, Tom and Lollypop
Jo White & Brian Haunton
Simon Wilks
John Brunton & Rosalind Glover
David March
The Thomas Family
Marie Shaftoe
Samra Family
Rosie Flynn
Anderson family
Max, Steph, George, Olivia and John Warner
Emma Playfair
Jacqui Mclennan & Tony Rickaby
Stott Parsons
Sue Byrne
Richard, Alice & Jasper
Edmund Bird & Harry Oseni
Adam & Laura Bond
Yvonne Levy
The Greene Family
Seonaid Royall
Jeremy Beer
For beloved Richard de Trey-White
Roland Doven
The Bebbington family
Milly Taylor
John Gilman
Stevie Russell
Tempus Fugit
Caroline Funnell
Jeffrey Rumble
S Sinclair
J E Clark
Lucio & Paola Caprarelli - Brockwell Park Cafe
Michael Mitchell
Julia Krish & James Postgate
Amy, Jonas & Rui Wareham Lustosa
Rachel Holmes
Peter & Bulent, for our beautiful park.
Chris Dymkowski
Roy Lawrence
David Miller
Geoffrey Moore
Paul McGimpsey
The Hogg Family
Anne Scrope
P. Reynolds
Gisela Robinson
The Bird Family
Oscar Sharp
The Soulsby Family
Armstrong Wrigley
Theresa Hoare & Gay Mill
Stanley and Barbara Goodhew
Nadav Drukker
Deborah Mynors
M. Marceau
Michele Owusu
Tracy Gordon
The Proctor Family
Derek Bolton
Chris Kiernan
Alexis Orssich & Mark Grainge
The Mattens
John Woolven & Tony Bowman
Patricia Hatch and family
Emma McCormack
In memory of our precious cat Susins Melnitis
John & Diane McTaggart
Claire, John and Jemima Stone
Edward Stone
Jody Jeffcoate
Jo & George Alexander
Samuel Hair
The Moseley Family
Adeline Aina
Hugo Blake
Bunia Gorelick
Stephen Whaley
Cressingham Gardens Tenants and Residents Association
Elizabeth and Peter Day
Reynolds Family
N W H Simon
Wendy and Dave
Marian Shaw & Lily Fawcett
Shashi Patel